Burmese Star Tortoise


  • Perhaps the most beautiful of all Star tortoises
  • Dark black shell contrasts with bright yellow rays
  • Lives 60-100 years
  • Eats Greens, Veggies and Tortoise Chow
  • Fairly Easy to raise
  • 100% captive bred
  • hatchlings, well started baby Burmese Star tortoise and yearlings available
  • Feeding on a variety of greens and veggies


These little gems are eating great and have perfectly smooth shells with bright yellow over dark black with great color contrast. Aprox 2-2.25″. Burmese Star tortoises are the most “adventurous” and “outgoing and personable” of all the star tortoise breeds. They are also said to be the easiest to care for and can endure a wider range of temperature than most other star breeds.


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