Conure Yellow Sided Green Cheek



Conure Yellow Sided Green Cheek are an excellent option for a family pet. The birds are small, affectionate, full of personality and relatively quiet.

They demand attention but owners who put in the time playing with them can be rewarded with tricks, cuddles and even a few spoken words.

Male and female Conure Yellow Sided Green Cheek look the same and tend to grow to about 10 inches.  The birds will need a lot of toys and space to move around outside the cage.

Description:  Conures are very affectionate and playful. These birds can be a great pet for an entire family if proper handling and training is done. These conures are very active and need the room in a cage to accommodate their activities. They love to swing, play upside down and love to climb around. They eat a variety of seeds, pellets, fruits and vegtables. They also need protein so don’t be afraid to give them eggs, chicken or beef but remove it from their cage after an hour.


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